City Light Homes – Flipping Boston

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CityLight Homes is a property buying and selling company. With over 18 years of combined experience, Dave & Peter are nationally known for their creative, innovative approach to home buying, selling, and refurbishing. From conventional Real Estate brokerage services through to our innovative, creative and effective out of the box home buying and selling solutions, we’re dedicated to one thing: Making the sale. Whether it’s the mundane or the insane, we’re always looking for new ways to approach the way we do business. Some people call that ‘seeing around the corner.’ We prefer; “Knowing what’s coming.” It’s been that dedication to creativity that’s led to our business being the focus of the new hit A&E television show Flipping Boston. Find out how you can put the power of our proven business model to work for you! To learn more about us and how we can help you — call 800-927-1883 today!


cleancab says:

I love this show!!

OzMetal68 says:

I think the show is fake, or its at least scripted, I guess if there’s no drama there is no show, drama is not entertainment

OzMetal68 says:

I still say the show is fake, or at least it’s scripted, I guess if there’s no drama there’s no show, and drama people, is not entertainment

moneyindabank says:

These guys have nice rugs.

buyerofsorts says:

They kinda dropped the ball with this show by focusing on a guy with an English accent. They shoulda got guys that have a thick Boston accent seeing that the fucking name of the show is “Flipping fucking Boston”!!!! Stupid…

buyerofsorts says:

I hear ya. Thats why I just bought 6.5 acres in the middle of practically nowhere with not a neighbor in site. People were not meant to live on top of each other the way so many of us do. More people live in cities now than any other time in history and its just not good for people. I dont’ think so anyway.

carcleaningguy says:

sadly those neighbors looked at an eyesore for 21 years. My neighbors have decreased the value of my home by 75 grand but there is nothing I can do. I suffer with white trailer trash. My only payback is to sell my house to the state as a group home for pedophiles.

buyerofsorts says:

Have you ever dealt with nosey neighbors while doing a flip home? I have and they all need a good ass kicking.

TheHuss50 says:

The episode with the neighbors would have drove me insane

powershop1903 says:

The thing I hate about the show is the CONSTANT YELLING !!!! Stop yelling! Otherwise, great stuff!

buyerofsorts says:

That neighbor guy is a total cock sucker and needs to have his legs broken…

popparay75 says:

You guys do awesome reno’s. I hope the A&E series continues!! 

MadChef500 says:

Pete hi from phila!!!!

wrench1030 says:

Cool show

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